Forgive me, readers, for I have sinned . . .

I believe books are one of the greatest pleasures in life, and I find dark reads having an irresistible pull that can’t be ignored . . . So that, my dear readers, is how Darkest Sins came to life 😉

As for me, well, I came into this world pretty much like everybody else, so I’m gonna spare you (and myself) the details and start with “Hello, I’m Silvia and I welcome you all to my blog!”

Having been very artistic all my life, I take every opportunity that comes my way to create designs & videos—feel free to check my portfolio. When not in front of the computer, I’m either sketching, reading a book, or playing video games. No worries, I still open the door to take a breath of fresh air every day. Bazinga! I open the windows as well. 😛

Fun facts about me:

  • My fave colour is purple. Who would have thought that, huh?
  • I LOVE Lasagna, but I don’t hate Mondays *hehe*
  • If I’m playing a video game, I need to set a reminder or I could easily forget to eat . . . *oops*
  • I’ve been freehand drawing since I was a lil girl. Can’t stop, won’t stop!

What do you say, interested in learning more about the girl behind this blog?
Then I suggest you to have a laugh check out the Life of a Blogger section.

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