FairyLoot June Unboxing: Elementalists

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FairyLoot - Elementalists

I hope you guys are ready, because I’m storming into your houses with a FairyLoot unboxing!

I’m always very excited to discover the goodies inside these boxes, they never fail to amaze me and, I have to admit, after my May unboxing I was really curious to see how they would top that one off. Oh well, they had me at the book . . . My bookshelves look quite happy, my reading list is even crazier (joyfully so!), and I got some pretty stuff to display with this month’s theme: ELEMENTALISTS.

Do not be afraid, jump into the storm and let the magic guide you . . .

STORMHEART CANDLE | Witchwood Remedies

FairyLoot - Elementalists: Candle

Another candle, YAY!! This one is a bit different from all the others I got so far, though, mainly because of the gorgeous botanical toppings. Nicely decorated and smells so good! I got Twister, but they sent five different candles, all based on storms . . . Figured out the book of the month, anyone?


FairyLoot - Elementalists: Lip Balm

I’m not that familiar with Avatar: The Last Airbender—although I heard about it—but I’m happy with what I got here. As for the candle, different lip balms were shipped, but in this case there were four of them representing the four elements. Perhaps it’s not the last one, but it’s the Air Bender for me 😉


FairyLoot - Elementalists: Bracelet

Here comes a nice bracelet for Summer! Gotta appreciate when they gift you jewellery, and I personally like this style, so I’m definitely going to put this on and see if the protective symbol does in fact bring me happiness, luck, health, and good fortune. Who am I to pass all this?

CLAIRVOYANCE SOAP | Ascent Bath and Body

This soap . . . As soon as I opened the box I smelled the scent and was rummaging through the items to find the source. It was a pleasant discovery, and the way it’s wrapped also looks kinda cool. I have to say, it makes me want to wash all over even if I just had a shower!


FairyLoot - Elementalists: Sticky Notes

If you, like me, have a thing for stationery stuff, then your mouth is open and your eyes are sparkling right this moment, don’t deny it! These sticky notes are truly gorgeous, and with purple (for health), blue (for magic power), and yellow (for stamina) at my disposal, I can now create some serious potions . . .


FairyLoot - Elementalists: Pillowcase

I was prepared for this—FairyLoot previously announced a 18”x18” pillowcase—so I was ready to fill it and show you how it would look properly. Doesn’t it just stand out? The quote (or Stephen King) couldn’t say it better! I have a feeling that when I curl up on the couch with a book, I’m going to be in an even dreamier mood 😉

ROAR | Cora Carmack

FairyLoot - Elementalists: Book

Come on, raise your hand if this book has been on your TBR list for a while now. And how many already bought a copy? I see the response is pretty good! Together with the awesome hardback, we received a signed bookplate and an author letter with the artwork printed on the back. Oh yeah, you’re gonna hear me ROAR!


FairyLoot - Elementalists: Sampler & Postcard

The sampler they included in the box looks and sounds good, and the postcard is great. I mean, don’t you just love that line? Which reminds me, I need to grab “Frostblood”!

How magical was this box? FairyLoot is definitely the book subscription box to go!

FairyLoot - Elementalists: Unboxing

Another pretty exciting unboxing is coming next month! Trust me, July box can’t get here fast enough, I’m seriously counting the days . . . How so? Just look at next month’s theme: TRICKSTERS!


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