Magic Knight Rayearth, Volume 1 by CLAMP

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I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley for an honest review.
This does not affect in any way my opinion of the book nor the content of my review.

Magic Knight Rayearth, Volume 1 by CLAMPSeries: Magic Knight Rayearth #1
Published by Kodansha Comics on December 12, 2023
Demographic: Shōjo
Genres: Isekai
Source: NetGalley
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CLAMP’s masterwork Magic Knight Rayearth—now in a new translation! This update of the manga classic forms the centerpiece to any CLAMP collection and is also a fantastic introduction to girl-powered adventure manga—perfect for fans of Sailor Moon and She-Ra.
While on a field trip to Tokyo Tower, three teenage girls cross a magical portal and are transported to another world called Cefiro. There they are summoned through the last remaining strength of the Princess Emeraude, who believes the trio will become the magic knights who will save her, as prophesied by legend.

Classics never get old, but what if they get an update such as a new translation of CLAMP’s masterpiece Magic Knight Rayearth?

I’ve always been a fan of the anime adaptation, but I must admit that in all those years I’ve never read the manga. This time, however, I didn’t let the opportunity pass me by, because the teenager in me came back in full force and demanded that I read it without a second thought! I don’t know about you, but I always listen to my inner voice—especially if it comes from the past and gets angry—and, as practically always, it never disappoints me. Just as the three middle school students are suddenly transported into a magical world, readers are also drawn into a mythical story from the very first page. Fast paced but packed with action and laughter, if you are a video game enthusiast, like me, you’ll find that the references one of the heroines keeps making to RPGs are spot on! How about it, would you like to experience a vibrant adventure, meet bizarre characters—not to mention one of the cutest!—and find yourself in a legendary game world?

Don’t waste precious time, Cefiro is in grave danger and needs not only the help of the magic knights, but also your support, the prophecy says so—or maybe it’s me.

25 years ago, in a land far away,
an ordinary girl used to pay homage to Magic Knight Rayearth . . .

Magic Knight Rayearth
(1998 – First attempt in black & white at 16)
Magic Knight Rayearth
(1999 – The 17-year-old me also thought a colourful portrait was in order)

Do you think the teenage me did them any justice? ♡


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14 responses to “Magic Knight Rayearth, Volume 1 by CLAMP

  1. Thank you for making us part of this celebration, Silvia! I do remember the anime—although I didn’t watch it—and I surely remember your wonderful drawings!!! Feels like destiny that you had your drawings to mark this special occasion, doesn’t it? 🥰

    Thank you also for sharing your wonderful review, you always know how to get us intrigued by the manga you read! 💚

    • Hehe, I couldn’t resist the temptation to accompany this review with drawings I did back in high school and I’m glad you like them so much, Fran! 💜

      The manga consists of three volumes in total, I’m sure you’d enjoy it and it would also get a few laughs!!

  2. Abbie

    I had watched this anime on TV during my childhood😁Although I’m not remembering about the story, but your review surprised me and I love your drawings😻They look so cute✨I feel like start watching this TV series again💖

    • Yay for someone else appreciating the anime 😁 and I have to admit that I now have the urge to watch the anime again! Also, I’m very happy you love my drawings, Abbie, I was hoping for that! 🥹🫶🏻

    • Definitely! I’m sorry I didn’t read this series much earlier, but I’m really glad I took the chance now, and I’ll definitely pick up the other two volumes!

  3. Silvia, thank you for your comment, I was so happy to see it! Glad you are back! And hoping you are doing well. I appreciate the kind words, and glad you like the story. I’m pretty excited to be revisiting it. Anyway… to YOUR post! This sounds so good- I love portal fantasies. We never get to go through them in real life, right??? And the RPG references sound spot on!

    And oh my gosh you did a great job with that art!

    • Greg, it’s always a pleasure to read your stories, really, and by now you know that my words are always sincere, so you also know that I never lie and that I really think it’s great that you are revisiting a story written five years ago. Keep up the good work!

      As for my post, I totally agree with you, fantasy portals are, well, fantastic *hehe* Then, if you add RPG references, I’m all game! 😉 And thank you so much for the appreciation on the drawings I did a while ago! I thought it was the right opportunity to post them and, let’s face it, the artist in me really wanted to come out 🥰

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