Seoulbox Signature Unboxing

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Seoulbox Signature

안녕하세요 ♡ Greetings from Seoulbox, all the way from Korea!

I bet you didn’t see this coming, did you? What can I say, my passion for languages and asian culture apparently mixes well with my love for food, so can you see why a subscription box like this was absolutely necessary? Ok, good, because I’m about to make you hungry!

Ready? Allow me to give you a taste of Korea . . .



Have you ever wanted to share a plate of tteokbkki with someone, like it often happens in K-dramas? Well, this snack looks exactly like the Korean dish, but it’s not as spicy as you may think. Sure, you can make out the spiciness in it, but the sugary taste you get while chewing it won’t actually make your mouth burst *phew*. It’s a nice combination of sweet, spicy, and savoury that can be addictive to the point you might finish the bag in one go—so much for sharing, oops!



Now, THIS was spicy! When you match gochujang (Korean red chili paste) and potato chips, you better be ready to feel quite good and satisfied at first only to suddenly go on fire next! It’s a shame because these potato chips have such a nice flavour, but I couldn’t eat more than a few while having something to drink. Still, if you love very spicy food, then this snack is hotly recommended.


Hosigi Soysauce Chicken Snack     Hosigi Soysauce Chicken Snack

They had me at soy sauce. Ok, probably at chicken! Advertised as one of the most beloved fried chicken variations, this snack is the perfect mix of sweet and savoury that goes perfectly well with the crunchiness of the chips. Such a real pleasure for your palate, or at least it was for mine. So much so that, after I finished it, I was disappointed I didn’t have anymore to enjoy . . . Let me tell you, Hosigi—a renowned fried chicken franchise in Korea—knows the good stuff!


Chewy Bungeo-ppang Cake     Chewy Bungeo-ppang Cake

A fish-shaped snack which flavour matches its cute look! It’s hard not to love something with such a nice texture and overall cuteness, isn’t it? As soon as I had the first bite, I was brought back in time and felt like I was a kid again. I think this kind of feeling is priceless and actually makes you appreciate food more, even if just for a short while. After all, nothing beats memories and sensations we though lost, am I right?


Yujia Cheesecake Cookies     Yuja Cheesecake Cookies

Why, yes, I love cheesecake, so offering me some in a cookie form is just the sweetest gesture! Let me tell you, this snack melts in your mouth because of the fluffiness of the cake/cookie and the freshness of the citrus flavour—resembling lemon, but sweeter—of the yuja jam inside. Pair this sweet cookie with a cup of tea and you’ll have a lovely snack to enjoy anytime!


Dalonga Potato Chips     Dalonga Potato Chips

And then I found myself playing a dangerous game . . . Do you know the Dalgona candy featured in the Squid Game series? Great! Wouldn’t you want to attempt a dalgona challenge and try to cut out the carved symbols on potato chips? I should probably warn you that every time you hear a cracking sound you start sweating for some reason . . .  But, really, if you survive like a good challenge, this spicy treat has your number name on it!

KOPIKO COFFEE CANDY (갯마을차차차 사탕 코피코 캔디)

Kopiko Coffee Candy     Kopiko Coffee Candy

A candy that debuted in famous K-dramas such as Vincenzo and Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha. The latter is one of my personal favourites, so I made a little collage you can see above and enjoy one of the Kopiko’s (memorable) moments! As for its taste, the coffee flavour just hits your palate and senses right. It’s not too strong, but it gives you that boost of caffeine sometimes you need during the day, and that is why you should always bring some along with you. Oh yes, I already ordered a whole package!

VITA500 JELLY + VITA500 (비타500 젤리 + 비타500)

Vita500 Jelly + Vita500     Vita500 Jelly + Vita500

Vita500 is a lemon energy drink promoted by idols and found in convenience stores all over Korea, which is something that those passionate about K-dramas (including myself) might have noticed more than once. Apparently, though, this vitamin C also comes in jelly form—bottle-shaped, how fitting!—something I didn’t know about until I received this box. Let me tell you, both the drink and the jelly were tastier than I expected, and now I get why Vita500 is so popular.


Baek (White) Myun Noodles     Baek (White) Myun Noodles

Hands up if you like ramen! What about one that is inspired by clam broth stew? Different from any other ramen I tasted so far, this one surprised me with a rich flavour made particular thanks to the nice mix of various seafood and beef bone soup that kicks in with some chungyang gochu (a popular spicy green pepper in Korea). An interesting combination worth trying.


Tangerine Wash-off Pack + Cure: The First Solution Aloe Pack + BTS Boy with Love Hand Towel

And because they really want you to embrace this wonderful experience, here comes some skincare products and K-pop merchandise!! Two face masks and a hand towel guaranteed to put a smile on your face and, yes, make it smoother 😌


I genuinely liked this box a lot, and I also loved how fast it was delivered!

If you are interested in trying one yourself, know that there are three different kind of subscriptions to chose from: Seoulbox Signature (the one I got), Seoulbox V (vegetarian), and Seoulbox Life (lifestyle). Just remember that when you purchase a one-time box, you don’t get the monthly theme but a general box like the one I reviewed, so that you can get an idea of their service before deciding to subscribe for longer. Also, I should mention that in every box you get a 32+ pages guidebook—see that on the left of this post’s opening picture—packed with cultural insights and snack tips & tricks!

Check their website out and enjoy a tasty Korean experience! 🫶🏻


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Through her creativity and blogging, Silvia has met people from different industries and collaborated with them on various projects over the years. Her strong passion for reading and her fascination for different cultures and languages have led her to develop a keen interest in the East-Asian continent. Off to see her? Follow the colourful book road . . . ♡

15 responses to “Seoulbox Signature Unboxing

  1. I’m so glad you got this box!! I know you’ve been eyeing it for a while and I’m glad we got to enjoy the contents together! Oh my, the Hosigi Soysauce Chicken Snack was SO GOOD!!!! And even though I am not that much into spicy food, the tteokbkki snack was very tasty! The combination of sweet and spicy does make the spiciness a bit more bearable.

    I hope you review more boxes like this!

    🌸 Fran 🌸 (@boxofmochilife) recently posted: 10 Must-Read Books About Japanese Culture
    • I know the feeling and I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t be able to bear all the spiciness as well, but it turned out that I enjoy spicy snacks like these! Well, except for the simtong potato chips, that is 😅 which is too bad because the flavour was actually really good! Anyway, I’m glad you were with me when the box came, I loved sharing this deliciousness with you 💜

  2. I have a feeling my love for Asian culture and food would intersect too! I love the sound of the tteokbkki snack, and the potato chips as well (something I don’t usually eat a lot of, but ther spiciness kind of appeals- although they would probably be TOO spicy like you mention). And then the chicken snack sounds fabulous too.

    I would definitely try that ramen!

    • It was truly a divine experience, Nadene, something that I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to try something different from their usual snacks while embracing another culture 😊

    • I hope they can find some for you, Kimberly, and I would suggest you to tell them to grab the Kopiko coffee candy because, you know, a caffeinated reviewer like you would make such good use of that 😉

  3. Verushka

    This box gave me the munchies! Then i fell down the rabbit hole of the site and realised i wanted everything 😝

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