ZenPop Ramen + Sweets Mix Unboxing: Sticks & Tricks

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Leave it to ZenPop to deliver some great Japanese treats!

Autumn is a season to savour, so how could I not indulge in some themed delicacies? You’ll have to agree that the temptation was too strong, especially when such a kawaii character as Luna (see the picture above) was looking at me with too much sweetness to be ignored. Sigh, you might say she had me in her paws!

Be happy, my weakness works in your favour, because now you are about to discover new, tasty treats from Japan . . .


Super THE Noukou Seabura Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen     Super THE Noukou Seabura Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen

I’m not new to Acecook (エースコック) and I honestly think the cups of ramen this brand produces are quite delicious. So, you can easily imagine the joy when I get to try them in BIG style, like in this case. A Super Cup of noodles soaked in shoyu ramen broth, perfect for anyone loving the rich flavour of soy sauce and garlic. Although a bit strong for my personal taste, I still liked it, probably because of my soy sauce addiction or, you know, the happiness that comes with lots of noodles!


Tategata Tomato Cheese Ramen     Tategata Tomato Cheese Ramen

I still had to try a ramen with a Western-style soup and, let me tell you, now I seriously think you should have some, too! Think of a chicken tomato soup topped with minced meat, scrambled eggs, and green onions. Aren’t you salivating already? The aroma that accompanies this delicious cup of ramen makes you grab your chopsticks fast and, after just a little taste, your control will be all over the place—or, you know, in the soup. Dig in, you’ll find a real treasure!


Tsubutsubu Ichigo Pocky     Tsubutsubu Ichigo Pocky

Pocky (ポッキー) are . . . Pocky. Just something you love and can’t get enough of! Look at these chocolate-coated pretzels wrapped in strawberry cream and chunks of fresh strawberries, aren’t they appealing? And they are sweet in a unique way, too. Also, considering those are full of vitamin C and fibres, you know what I say? One pocky (bag) a day keeps the doctor away!


Toppo the Chocolat     Toppo the Chocolat

And then Toppo the Chocolat makes its appearance . . . Different from pocky but equally delicious, those crunchy biscuit sticks are filled with chocolate and they are quite a treat for the palate! If you’re up for a bitter-sweet snack that offers a nice chocolatey experience, you should consider trying this. I mean, nothing can go wrong with chocolate—except running out of it!


Kappa Ebisen Ninniku Shoyu Flavor     Kappa Ebisen Ninniku Shoyu Flavor

Advertised as one of Japan’s most iconic snacks, these crunchy shrimp pieces taste like a combination of garlic and dark soy sauce from eastern Japan. Now, I love shrimps, so I was sure I would really enjoy this snack, but the flavour turned out too intense for me . . . However, for those who have a stronger palate than mine and love the garlic aroma, I believe you’ve just found quite a powerful snack for you.


Yamitsuki Karitto Fried Potato Baisen Miso Flavor     Yamitsuki Karitto Fried Potato Baisen Miso Flavor

I had such a fun time with this snack, and I mean real fun! I got the Baisen Miso (焙煎味噌) flavour and, after tasting a couple of fried potatoes, I was sure they weren’t for me. So, why did I keep eating them? While my mind was trying to find the answer, my hands kept feeding my mouth. Next thing I knew, the bag was empty and, what do you know, I was looking for more! Kudos to a simple snack for (driving me crazy) turning into something unique.


Chou Karikari PRETZ Wafuu Dashi Kaoru Hotate Shoyu Aji     Chou Karikari PRETZ Wafuu Dashi Kaoru Hotate Shoyu Aji

Glico is a brand that doesn’t just work great for me, but also knows how to surprise me in the best ways. Like with these thin, crispy pretzels and their distinctive flavour I can still taste in my mouth. And what about the nice box they come in? The rakutabe pocket makes it practical for you to enjoy this snack, and the taste of scallop and soy sauce is made even more delicious by the crunchiness of the pretzels. In case it wasn’t clear enough, you should definitely try this!


Tokimeki Cafe Purin ha nomimono     Tokimeki Cafe Purin ha nomimono

Grab the drink, shake it well, plunge the straw into the cup, and . . . Oh my! Did I just drink some pudding? You bet I did! If someone told me a drinkable pudding (プリンは飲みモノ) existed, I wouldn’t have believed them, because that’s just too good to be true. At least until ZenPop sends you proof that dreams do come true! A refreshing and truly delicious drink I recommend you all to either have at home or on the go!


Konpeito Snack     Konpeito Snack

Lastly, here comes a special bonus gift: the Konpeitō (金平糖, こんぺいとう). The name comes from the Portuguese word confeito (confetti) and was introduced in Japan to Oda Nobunaga by a Portuguese missionary in 1569. It’s a type of Japanese sugar candy shaped as a small sphere with a bumpy surface that comes in different colours and flavours. Often used for celebrations, the team at ZenPop sent this gift wishing their subscribers to celebrate another beautiful day! They will be happy to know that, every day I taste one of those sweet candy, I smile 😊


I loved this Ramen + Sweets Mix Box, and it sure won’t be my last taste of it!

A new month is just about to start, so be ready for a new theme and to check all the packages available on their website, I dare you not to fall for everything this service has to offer!

*Psst, I also got the Kawaii & Co. Limited Edition Box,
featuring some of the most popular kawaii characters from Japan,
you can see in a little video I posted on TikTok 💜


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15 responses to “ZenPop Ramen + Sweets Mix Unboxing: Sticks & Tricks

  1. I’m so glad you got this, I knew you’d enjoy the Mix pack! These truly look like really delicious snacks, and your photos look fantastic!!

    You know I much prefer salty over sweet, but those Chocolate Toppo genuinely look like wooden sticks and I find them so intriguing even if I’m not a massiva fan of chocolate.

    Also, your TikTok video on the Limited Edition pack was indeed kawaii! I’m so happy I got you on the Zenpop hype train! 😁

    🌸 Fran 🌸 recently posted: Tea Time with Mariëlla Erkens
    • Thanks a lot, Fran! And thank you for introducing me to this beautiful subscription box service, they really offer tons of beautiful and delicious treats!! I actually prefer salty too, but you also know that I can’t resist snacks like these, and I’m sure you’d love the chocolate sticks! 😋

      Also, I’m really glad you liked the video! I simply adore kawaii things, so every single item I received truly warmed my heart 💜

  2. Abbie

    I love you said that”One pocky a day keeps the doctor away.”Because I also a big fan of pocky, especially strawberry taste 💜 Thanks for sharing all of delicious Japanese snacks, and your description made me want to try it which I’ve never tried before✨

    • I’m right, aren’t I? 😉 YAY for another pocky lover! I hope you’ll be able to try everything you haven’t had the chance to taste yet, Abbie 💖 In the meantime, keep an eye on the blog, because I’ll introduce more delicious snacks soon!

  3. Ooh you got one of these! I always like seeing these on Fran’s blog. The soy sauce addiction is real so I would probably LOVE that ramen. The Baisen Miso look kind of good- I’m funny about potatoes, sometimes I like ’em, sometimes I don’t- but I’d try this!

    I wouldn’t mind trying the chocolate Toppo either…

    • Haha, it makes me feel better to know that someone understands my addiction to soy sauce! I know you like ramen, Greg, and I think these might be to your liking. As for the baisen miso flavoured fried potatoes, they were a revelation, I honestly had no idea I would like them so much and now I recommend them!

      P.S. Toppo the Chocolat is definitely for everyone, even my grandmother approved it 😂

  4. Autumn treats are honestly the best! I do like making ramen into recipes, my sister has this really good fresh salad that is delightful with it. Love seeing all of these tasty snacks that you enjoy!

    • They are, aren’t they? I think ramen is delicious, and it always makes me happy when I read messages full of love for it 😊 and also for snacks, of course!

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