ZenPop Stationery Unboxing: Pawesome Buddies

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As part of my partnership with ZenPop, I receive free boxes of Japanese goodies to review, providing an honest opinion on each product. ありがとう ♡

Thanks to ZenPop, I started the year by making new Pawesome Buddies!

Do you ever feel like you need just the right amount of cuteness and sympathy to get you through the day? I do, which is why I can’t resist all things kawaii! And because I like to share joy and bring a smile to my readers’ lips, get ready for 9 adorable items that you might not have thought of, but you’ll be glad to know.

Take note or, you know, have your new friends do it . . .


Smart Fit Punilabo Book Band Pencase

A pen case that becomes a book band for notebooks and diaries? Sign me up (with a pen to keep in this case)! Adapted to fit different notebook sizes—A6, B6, A5 and B5—this adorable and useful accessory comes in the shape of either a shiba or a cat. Now, as much as I love cats—and I really do—I’ve always had a soft spot for this iconic Japanese dog breed, so I won’t even try to hide the fact that I jumped with joy when I found I got that in my box! I believe keeping up with my Japanese and Korean studies has just reached a new level . . . of cuteness!


Mini Letter Set

The new mini letter set proposed by Nihon Hallmark is too adorable for words. If, like me, you have always loved sending handwritten messages to your dear ones, then you’ll find this quite an innovative way to do that. Write a short letter by choosing one of the tree patterns that allow you to change the animal appearance—in my case, a very cute bear—this will help you get in the right mood to write lovely messages to people with different tastes. What do you say, will mine be well received?


Pastello A6 Notebook

You know how they say simple is better? Yes, no kidding! Look at this pastel-coloured A6 notebook and tell me it isn’t perfect. Easy to carry around, it has a soft yet resistant paper to write on, and it comes in different colours. Personally, I’d love to collect them all, but I consider myself lucky because I received a colour that is really dear to me and, of course, to my blog 💜 Plus, the cute shiba-shaped pen case goes perfectly well with it, because obviously ZenPop thinks of everything. I’m definitely going to put this notebook to good use, you’ll see!


Futamata Fusen

Sticky notes can be essential, can’t they? They are always quite handy and it’s always better not to run out of them in case we need to make a quick note or remember something. BUT, what if a brand like King Jim released a set of double-sided sticky notes—front and back—depicting a lovely scene? Would you just write on them, or would you also use them to decorate your desk? I’m going to opt for a bit of both, but since this is a place where readers of my blog get all the appreciation from me, I’m showing one with a message on it *hehe*


Immersion Ballpen 0.7mm

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to write without stress? Well, guess what, now it’s possible! Thanks to Zebra, there’s a new pen in town with a Blen system that controls writing vibrations. You’ve probably never thought about the vibration that is generated inside the pen when the tip makes contact with the paper, but you should know that this actually adds stress to your joints. So, if you do a lot of handwriting during the day, this pen is something you should probably have. Also, the ink is quite good and you don’t have to press the pen too much for it to be clear, which, let’s face it, would be another cause to feel under ‘pressure’ otherwise!


Ilmily Two-color Marker

A marker with ink that changes colour when applying frictional heat, oh my! From cherry to peach, any note will look tasty pretty, allowing us to indulge in handwriting and/or sketching. Quite neat to use and, honesty, it’s different from the usual markers and adds that extra something to journaling. I like to have fun with my notes, and experimenting with new techniques is the way to do it, isn’t it? I can’t tell you yet which colour I’m going to end up using more because i like them both too much!!


Animal Design Daily Use Seal

Stickers are always very welcome in my house and not only because I really like using them, but also because I can’t seem to get enough of them! Can you blame me? If you are into stationery, then you surely won’t! And I’m sure you’ll appreciate these masking stickers with cute animal motifs, which are made of Japanese paper that is soft and transparent to the touch. They look really nice and, as I always say “Stickers are the best of friends when it comes to notebooks”. Do you agree with me?


Flake Seal

Back to my beloved iconic Japanese hunting dog breed, the shiba inu (柴犬), what about some pretty cool seals with it on them to make your notes stand out? Imagine this kawaii dog decorating the pages of your notebook, perhaps looking at you from the corner of a page, or just waiting for you to write something to fill in the blank lines with your thoughts. Could he be any cuter? Maybe so, all you have to do is use your creativity to prepare the pages ready for some inspired writing!


Friction Stamp Pad

At last, here comes an item lots of stationery lovers adore, but not many thought it could turn into something like this . . . an erasable stamp! Erasable? Why, yes, I really said that. The special feature of these friction stamp pads from Pilot is that they are erasable. By removing the cap and pressing the tube onto the paper, the stamp will appear without bleeding through, but if you use the opposite side of the tube and start rubbing away what you have just stamped, it will be removed. Isn’t that great? Among the 70 types of seal available, I received the cute paw-shaped stamp, which just makes me mark this box as pawesome, indeed!


Are you ready for these cute helpers to make you enjoy some of your daily tasks?

Pawesome Buddies is the current stationery box available until the end of the month, don’t miss your chance to grab it and have a smile stamped on your face while facing the day 😊

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by using the code SIN at checkout 🤍


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20 responses to “ZenPop Stationery Unboxing: Pawesome Buddies

  1. I love the kawaii culture, there’s just something about how it seems to pervade Japanese society. So unique. Another great post with amazing products Silvia! I especially like that notebook (and yes- the color is fabulous!)

    I LOVE that you included your letter too!

    • Unique is the right word, Greg, and I personally adore all things kawaii, but I think I make no secret of it *hehe* I’m really glad you loved this post too, and that you appreciated that I also included my letter ☺️

    • I’m sorry to hear that, Kimberly, but I’m glad what you saw in this post caught your attention anyway, and I hope it put a smile on your face 😊

    • These words warm my heart 💜 Also, how can I remain indifferent after reading such a hint!? Now I really can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!

  2. Abbie

    I love that shiba inu seals at first sight, it looks so cute💗可愛すぎた~~~~~Also, the white bear mini letter set looks cute too🐻‍❄️I personally love your hand written notes✨

    • I knew you’d love everything in this box, Fran, and I know how much you love peach colour (not to mention peaches 😜)!

      P.S. You and Abbie are really the sweetest, thank you!! 💕

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