ZenPop Stationery Unboxing: Playful Pixels

Posted February 15, 2023 by Silvia in Subscription Boxes / 18 Comments

As part of my partnership with ZenPop, I receive free boxes of Japanese goodies to review, providing an honest opinion on each product. ありがとう ♡

The happiness that comes from the Playful Pixels delivered by ZenPop!

I don’t know about you, but when I hear the word ‘pixel’, retro video game music starts playing in my head and I feel particularly playful. So when this month’s theme for the stationery box was revealed, I immediately got excited and couldn’t wait to put my hands on it. Now that it’s finally here, I’m thrilled to share all the lovely items in it with you and show you how to have a very playful time!

Get ready to be inspired by Luna’s Delivery Service . . .


Shikaku Marker Dot E Pen 4 Color Set

Perhaps one of the best stationery items I’ve ever come across, these Dot E Pens are just what I needed to create the pixel art (ピクセルアート) I have always liked! Each marker has two tips that allow you to have fun drawing your own pixel art with the square one and then, if you want, define the outlines with the thin tip. How cool is that? I think I’ve found a new gem or, better yet, a star *hehe* Also, having four bright colours that remind me of my favourite season and my blog definitely inspires me!


Retopic Stickers

Pixelated stickers that either come in a lovely palette of sea animals from Osaka’s famous aquarium (Kaiyukan, 海遊館), or a collection of Osaka’s mixed juice drinks and also other traditional Japanese cafès (Kissaten, 喫茶店) dishes.  As long as I like both, I have to admit that I’m very happy to have received this delicious assortment, because it just makes me want to treat myself, you know? Too bad what’s on the stickers can’t be eaten, but rest assured I’ll make good use of every delicacy!


Soda Avenue (30mm)

Raise your hand if you love washi tapes! Great, now put your hands on THIS one and start getting crafty! It’s easy to get inspired when you have something as unique as King Jim’s SODA Avenue washi tape roll. The design is original and aligns a city, giving the impression of walking down a main avenue. I love this feeling and I really like the transparency of this washi, because I think it’s nice to keep the colours of the surface we decide to use for our craft projectsin my case, a special box where I keep some of my most precious Japanese stationery. There are so many shops in town, what is your favourite stop?


Sentimental Mode Seal

Another set of Kamio Japan stickers, but bigger and different from the ones we have already seen. In fact, they are meant to make you appreciate some mundane moments by showing scenes from everyday life throughout the seasons. The stickers I received are the ones with vibrant autumn colours and vibes that I particularly love, and they are already making me appreciate those things that perhaps I always took for granted and I should cherish more. In the end, it’s always thanks to the small things and moments in life that I smile.


Sentimental Mode Letter Set

And why wouldn’t we want to be sentimental all the way? The beautiful letter set from the Sentimental Mode series will probably make you feel emotional while writing a letter to someone you care about, and it will certainly make the recipient feel that heartwarming feeling only a handwritten letter can give . . . How many of you still like to send them? I personally love handwritten letters, they have that personal touch that just makes every word more special, and since times have changed and we mostly send digital messages, I’d say they have become truly precious . . . Yes, you can bet I will be using this letter set that, coincidentally, came in my favourite colour!


Ilma Sticky Memo

Shaped like a letter, this is a very particular sticky note that does justice to its name. In fact, inspired by the word “Ilma”, which means “air” in Finnish, the light and transparent paper this sticky memo is made of is reminiscent of a gentle breeze. Isn’t that clever? I really like it, and I think it’s going to be fun to try using such a cute memo in different ways. See? Never underestimate the power of a letter, not even a little one!


Block Keshigomu

Considering the theme of this box, could we not get something particularly playful? Imagine finding something that looks like lego blocks to assemble, you will happily put them together until voila! Congratulations, you’re now the owner of the cutest elephant ever! But is it just a mini lego elephant? Of course not, it’s a block eraser! Now, how can I use it without crying my eyes out? I suppose there is only one logical thing to do . . . keep this cutie in my precious stationery collection and never erase (with) it!



The perfect item for all creative people, a thin and portable sketchbook with a small grid that matches the size of the markers found in this great box. Among the colours available, mine is a lovely shade of green that I actually like, as well as the feel of the hardcover. As you could see from the picture of the markers at the beginning of this post, I’ve already started using this fantastic Yachou (野帳) to practise my pixel art, and since inspiration can come at any moment, it’s good to have this little sketchbook to take with me wherever I play, err, go!



Do you prefer pencil or crayon? Are you by any chance a fan of both? If so, this colourful hybrid of the two will make you really happy! Honestly, this is a lovely addiction to an already great assortment of playful items that made me feel like a little girl on Christmas Day. Could it also be because out of the five colours available I received this one? My blog and I are starting to think that ZenPop is our lucky star!


Do you also feel it is time to unleash your creativity in a unique way?

You can grab the Playful Pixels box until the end of the month
and enjoy a truly enchanting and colourful time!

Click here to get $6 off your first box
by using the code SIN at checkout 🤍


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18 responses to “ZenPop Stationery Unboxing: Playful Pixels

  1. Oh my, where do I even begin?? Your posts are always fun and engaging, and I love how dedicated you are with your images, they truly show your creativity!

    I love everything about this box, but I think my favourite item is the Sentimental Mode sticker sheet… You know how much I enjoy mundane life, so I feel like these stickers somehow reflect my inner self.

    Once again, super grateful for Zenpop and their amazing goodies!!

    🌸 Fran 🌸 recently posted: Zenpop Japanese Snack Box - Osaka Treats*
    • The Sentimental Mode stickers are really beautiful and with a bit of transparency that makes them even more dreamy . . . I really like them and I had no doubt that you would appreciate them, too! Also, thanks for all your lovely words, Fran, they mean so much to me 💜

  2. I love pixel everything! I’ve recently been listening to Dreambit on Youtube- it combines pixel arts with lofi music. Anyway I love those stickers that somehow just make those mundane moments come tolife. And handwritten letters are the best! Also… I think Zenpop maybe DOES have your colors down, judging from that last one.

    I’m so happy you shared this!! 🙂

    • Maybe I’ll start listening to it too! After all, every time I hear the word ‘pixel’, that kind of music starts playing in my mind on its own 😅 I’m really glad you appreciate handwritten letters so much too, Greg, I really love them!! And it gives that impression, doesn’t it? Honestly, every box makes me happy regardless of the colours, but of course it’s really nice when your favourites appear 😉

  3. Abbie

    I was attracted to the Sentimental mode letter set💜 How romantic✨And your handwritten words, it’s really beautiful.
    The Kamio Japan Sticker is also has a good vibe, I like it, I will use this sticker for my diary if I have it🎆🌃🎇🌌
    ZenPop goodies are good match for your style, it’s totally Silvia’ style when I saw this Pixel set.
    In the first picture your drawing Lucky star is my favourite too, you’re the creative one🌟

    • I won’t even try to hide the fact that I thought of you immediately when I saw that letter set, Abbie 🤗 and using stickers for a journal is always nice. I’m also so glad you liked the star I drew, and I too think ZenPop’s style is just right for me! 😍

    • I am really happy to know that you always have a great time with my posts and photos!! Believe me, it is always a great pleasure to review your boxes, and this one in particular was truly inspiring! ✨

    • I know, right? 😊 The pixelated stickers are particularly cute, I didn’t have any like them, so I’ll make sure they stand out when I use them!

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