ZenPop Stationery Unboxing: Saigetsu Collaboration

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As part of my partnership with ZenPop, I receive free boxes of Japanese goodies to review, providing an honest opinion on each product. ありがとう ♡

And then ZenPop unveils a new box design and a Saigetsu Collaboration!

I’m happy to announce there’s a new design in town for these amazing boxes that also comes with a nice addition: a booklet! ZenPop News offers a small teaser of the month’s boxes + a topic of the month explaining a feature of Japan. How cool is that? Lovers of Japan can’t get enough of its culture and, of course, get their hands on some of the best items around!

Let the talent of an artist from Osaka make its way into your heart . . .


ZenPop x Saigetsu Original Notebook A5

This month, ZenPop has teamed up with Saigetsu—a local digital artist from Osaka—and this is one of the items of such a fantastic collaboration! I personally love Notebooks and the A5 format works great for me, because it also fits nicely in my bag and allows me to keep it with me at all times. And don’t you agree that the artwork on this (ruled) notebook is quite charming? The colour palette is perfect for this season and the scene puts a smile on my face every time I look at it, because the yattai (food stall) makes me dream of being there to enjoy the festival season across Japan—and, you know, all the delicious food!


ZenPop x Saigetsu Original 3 Pocket Clear Folder A5

And then comes the second piece realised by Saigetsu, a truly unique transparent A5 folder with not one, but three handy pockets that make your organisational tasks super efficient! The design is inspired by a lively intersection in Osaka’s Honmachi district—where ZenPop headquarters are located—but Saigetsu’s imagination turns something ordinary into a dreamy underwater realm . . . Immerse yourself in the water your imagination and start planning as inspiration strikes!


Mildliner Yasashisa Mild 5 Colors Set

How beautiful is this multi-coloured Zebra Mildliner Set? I truly like the pastel shades, they make you imagine beautiful scenery and give you a feeling of tranquillity that is priceless . . . And how can you not love the white pen body and the colours on the cap (and small logo) that define each pen? Also, the five beautiful markers in the package have a double tip, one 4mm and the other 1.0-1.4mm, so you have more options to highlight your notes. Organisation and design mode is on!—then, when is it off?


Marumi No Fusen M

A set of round and colourful sticky notes that can make you want to write even more notes you may, or may not, also share with someone. Isn’t having fun an important part of creating your own special notes? I love the delicate colours these come in, and I think they are perfect for everyday use. I don’t know about you, but I like to keep some sticky notes on my desk, you can never know when you need to write down something to remember . . .


Pelto Postcard Size

If you, like me, are a very organised person, then here’s another item you can’t help but love! The PP Color Holder PELTO comes in two new sizes: the A4 tri-fold and the postcard format. The latter is the one chosen by the ZenPop team for us and I can only thank them because this is just perfect for storing stationery supplies such as stickers, letter sets and much more! Also, the rounded corners are a nice touch as they protect bags and other items from damage. In short, an object to carry around safely and creatively!


Kintsugi Seal

Embellish your creations with the beauty of the ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi—the delicate practice of repairing broken pottery with gold. You’ll find yourself using these stickers with the same principle as Kintsugi, which is to transform broken pieces into beautiful works of art to celebrate their imperfections. I love the concept and it honestly makes me think that everything we write and create is precious. Wait, that’s a fact, isn’t it? *wink*


Kitta Color Bar

They presented this KITTA Slim as our new best friend, and I must say that it might be the case when it comes to stationery. This washi tape is 7mm wide and comes in 8 colourful designs to love. I really like their vibrancy and they make me want to add some colour to my Japanese notes. Who says studying can’t be fun?


Uni-Ball Black 0.5mm

A Japanese pen with a vivid, non-bleeding pigment ink? Yes, please! Do you sometimes not only write with a pen, but also draw with it? I do, so this pen is doubly appreciated on my part. The gel-to-liquid ink transformation formula works like magic, and what’s more, it’s water-resistant, so your creations and handwriting aren’t in danger of fading or being ruined. What do you say, ready to unleash your creativity? As you can see, I have already started! (Can you tell which anime movie the character I drew is from?)


Whiper PL

And because everyone sometimes needs to make a correction, or simply fix a small imperfection—well, someone is very precise—here comes the elegant Plus Correction Tape White Wiper PL! This cute pen-shaped tape is so thin and smooth that you don’t even feel like you’re correcting anything, which is really good because it can be annoying for some people to have to correct something—I said some people, ok?


Would you like to get organised and see what is featured inside the booklet?

The Saigetsu Collaboration box is still available until the end of the month,
get it now and have a great time while dreaming of strolling around Osaka!

Click here to get $6 off your first box
by using the code SIN at checkout 🤍


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Through her creativity and blogging, Silvia has met people from different industries and collaborated with them on various projects over the years. Her strong passion for reading and her fascination for different cultures and languages have led her to develop a keen interest in the East-Asian continent. Off to see her? Follow the colourful book road . . . ♡

13 responses to “ZenPop Stationery Unboxing: Saigetsu Collaboration

  1. I wasn’t sure I liked this when I first saw it, but now I’ve totally changed my mind! This stationery box is great! Saigetsu is a very talented artist, my favourite design is the one in the A5 pocket folder. Although the street food stalls are equally pretty! I particularly love the Kintsugi seal, I love their pastel shades, they beautifully blend with the gold borders. The KITTA washi tape is also very cool! It’s rare—in my opinion—to see a geometrical design, and I like the different motifs.

    Lastly, I wanted to mention one specific thing… You drew Ponyo!!!! 😍😍😍 Of course it’s her, how could I not recognise her? And in her cutest form, nonetheless! You are an amazing artist, the little drawing is perfect, and if I didn’t know you drew it, I would’ve assumed it was a pre-stamped design on a notebook, if you get what I mean.

    I would recommend anyone who loves pastels to get this Zenpop Stationery box (+Saigetsu collaboration) ASAP!!

    • It was truly a box full of pleasant surprises! And I thought the same thing about the KITTA washi tape, I find it very original and something I haven’t often seen around either. Anyway, I’m really happy with each item, it’s hard to choose just one favourite!

      Also, wow, what a fantastic compliment! 😳 Thank you so much, Fran, you’re really too kind, but I’m very happy you liked the Ponyo I drew so much 🥰

    • Glad to hear your husband loves these boxes, Kimberly! Unfortunately with snacks it can happen that some break due to shipping (so far I have been lucky), but they certainly don’t lose their tastiness 😋 And YAY for a successful gift!

  2. I love this artist’s work. The underwater angle is dreamy. I love the booklet too.

    the pens are nice, I like pastel colors as well and the colors on the tip are a nice touch.

    I’m going to say Ponyo! I don’t even know how I kew that, it’s the first thing that came to mind so subconsciously I must have seen the image before, as I’ve never seen Ponyo!

    Thank you for your comments on my story 🙂

    Oh, and by the way. Wanted to share this walking tour


    It’s a livestream and he’s one of my favorite streamers. It’s also 7 hours long (!!) so obviously a lot, but he rides all over Tokyo. And interacts w/ the chat. Highlights are the street festival around 2:32 and later he visits Odaiba ( a place I REALLY want to go) at 6:14 or so (and a convenience store stop!)

    If you’re ot interested of course disregard, but I’ve learned a lot watching his stuff.

    • I also find that Saigetsu did a great job, and the items on which these creations are printed are really a fantastic choice! And bravo, Greg, that’s Ponyo, and I’m really happy that the name has stuck with you even if you’ve never seen the anime film (I recommend it!).

      It is always intriguing to read a new chapter of your story, Greg, and I am not surprised that you like walking tours so much *hehe* Not only do you always learn and discover new things from these videos, but they are also beautiful to watch! Also, I think Odaiba is a must, I always wanted to go there already for the life-size Gundam RX-78-2 statue, let alone miss out on the rest of the fun 😁

      • Yes I was hoping he’d explore Aqua City but he didn’t go there. He did stop briefly at the Gundam though. I want to see that! And browse Aqua City, explore the shops and yummy food…

  3. Abbie

    I love that Saigetsuさん designed notebook and folder, both of them are fantastic and glamorous💕
    And You drew ポニョ with ball pen looks so cute 😣
    This time all of the stationeries’ colour looks softness,
    It’s full of comfortable vibes🤍

    • You’re right, Abbie, and the folder is also particularly great because of the three dividers that stand out thanks to the colours of the artwork 💕

      Correct! I love ポニョ so much 😍 and I’m glad you liked the colours and vibes of this stationery box ✨

      • Verushka

        I love the pastel colours , but my gosh do I want that pen with the non-bleeding ink bc it would be perfect for my Japanese planner!

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