ZenPop Stationery Unboxing: Summer Blues

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As part of my partnership with ZenPop, I receive free boxes of Japanese goodies to review, providing an honest opinion on each product. ありがとう ♡

If the heat is getting you down, fear not, ZenPop will help you beat your Summer Blues!

Is it as hot as it is here on your side? If so, you may have experienced those days when you don’t feel particularly inspired or active, and sometimes everything seems too much to handle . . . Now, imagine you’re having one of those days when, out of the blue, you get a package full of colourful and unique things to discover.

Wakey-wakey, shiny goodies are waiting . . .


Solajikan Moment Letter Set

Let’s start with a very precious letter set that features some gorgeous photographs of the sky and landscapes taken by photographer Kyoka Hanazawa. The photos and design are beautiful and delicately coloured, and to make everything even more priceless, the envelope seals are like a photographic film whose colours change depending on the light and viewing angle. How wonderful is that? Of the three different designs—Manazashi/Hakka, Yorimichi/Lemon, and UtaKata/Ao—I received the Yorimichi/Lemon (“swing by/lemon”). And when life gives you lemons like these, a great lemonade is about to be made!


Solajikan Collage Stickers

And because we can never have enough of such unique photos and designs, we also get stickers that perfectly match the theme of the letter set! I just love the colour palette used, which is rather summer-y, and I personally think these stickers convey a very peaceful and pleasant atmosphere . . . Yes, the lemonade I’m going to make will turn out amazing!


Solajikan Tag Card Set

The last product from the RyuRyu’s collection is a set of tags that can have a dual function, they can be attached to a gift bag, or used as mini letters if you combine them with the envelope provided. I like the colours of this set quite a lot, they are soothing and pleasing to the eye. If I received them so well, I can imagine how well they would be received by a dear one along with a nice message, right?


Kimochi Afureru Matakaki Box Uniball One

How about a limited edition assortment of 0.38mm pens? To be precise, two Uni-ball pens and one Uni-ball F pen. What’s the difference between the regular ones and the Uni-ball F, you say? It’s in the sleeker design and a stabilising mechanism that the Uni-ball F offers, making the writing experience smoother and more stable. I love it and the ink in all pens is of very good quality, so the colours appear more vivid on the paper. Also, because they were created in collaboration with a renowned photographer, Shiori Iwakura, the collection features different colours and photographs, and I truly think the one I received is dreamy.


Kohaku Toumei Flake Seal <Drink>

Clear flake stickers in a transparent case perfect for storing them and for displaying your stickers collection—if you don’t already have it, you will probably want to start one. They come in large sizes and look like delicious drinks that, if only they were real, could be ideal for enjoying a refreshing moment . . .


Iro O Tanoshimu Han-Toumei Fusen

Do you want to leave a charming note to someone, or simply create one for yourself? Here are 20 sheets of translucent sticky notes that will allow you to do just that! Also, the clear cover with which they are protected is a nice touch, not only visually, but practical too, as it lets you put them in your bag if you want to carry them around without worrying about ruining them. *phew*


Demi-Clip Clear Palette

Clips that turn into a handy index? I’ll take them! Capable of holding up to 20 sheets of paper, these clips have a hole for you to thread a string through and hang them wherever you like, so that you can display the clip with your notes in a visible and practical way. And to make these demi-clips an even greater treat, you can write on them with an oil-based pen and also erase the text with a simple eraser so you can reuse the clip. Have we reached a new level of organisation? You gave this item to the right girl!


Clear Up Marker Motion

This is a very welcome and ingenious tool, a highlighter with an erasable marker! In fact, if you make a mistake, you can fix that by using the opposite side of the marker. A marker! It’s not something that you can usually do easily, but Kamio Japan came up with this product that can be very useful and also lovely. I consider myself lucky to have gotten this shade, who knows why, huh? *wink*


Seal Senyou Tweezers

Last but not least, a pair of tweezers for sticker decoration! This item pleases me a lot, because I still didn’t own one and wanted it very much. It’s nice to finally have tweezers that offer a perfect grip and let you handle each sticker with care and precision. Plus, I got it in a lovely shade of lavender and I don’t need to tell you why I’m smiling, do I?


Don’t you get a kick out of these stationery items?

The Summer Blues box is available until the end of the month,
say goodbye to low days and let inspiration strike again!

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8 responses to “ZenPop Stationery Unboxing: Summer Blues

  1. Oh my, the items in the Summer Blues stationery box are too adorable! Does it make sense I feel they’re so colourful and soft at the same time? 🥰

    And the pictures you took for them are just perfect!! Your feline assistant did an amazing job 💗

    • It makes perfect sense! In fact, it’s the same feeling I had when I saw them 😍

      My assistant thanks you, he says it was really nice to rest surrounded by so many beautiful things 😜

  2. Abigaillllll

    Your fluffy assistant looks very cute 😍
    I loved that 半透明な付箋紙 at first sight, that blue seems like flowers with watercolour✨And I personally think that purple clear up marker is suitable for your style, it looks elegant💜
    But I want to say the first pic moment letter set and film stickers are my favourite, I like this design💕

    • Thank you! 😻 Yes, the marker definitely fits my style 💜 and the Solajikan moment letter set is really great, its colours and images are perfect for this season ✨

  3. That photography is amazing! I love the lemony theme. And yes it has been hot but not like there, from what I’ve seen! I hear parts of europe are really suffering. Anyway… that memo index- love those colors! what a neat package.

    Your assistant seems to approve as well!

    Thank you also for your kind comments. I’m glad you liked the 5 Hours Ago part- I had fun writing that! 🙂

    • Believe me, Greg, there are days when you can’t leave the house because it’s hell outside 🥵 even my assistant is exhausted . . . But, like me, he’s very happy with all the nice surprises in this box! 😺

      Don’t mention it, I could see you had fun writing that part, it was really exciting!

  4. Verushka

    The colours in this box are so delicate and lovely and summery — and I love your model and the little nose! Makes me want to bop it!

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